Jun 27 2008

Digital Media Conference 2008

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I was on a panel about the future of social media at Ned Sherman’s Digital Media Conference in DC yesterday. Really good discussions came out of it. I recapped some of the main points (at the least the ones I remembered) during my train ride back to New York late last night on the KickApps blog.

The panel was moderated by Rohit Bhargava, who did an excellent job. Check out Rohit’s new book, Personality Not Included. Also on the panel were:

Greg Johnson, CMO, GGL
Terry Farrell, Senior Product Manager, Zune, Microsoft Corp.
Craig Stoltz, Blogger & Web Strategy Consultant, 2.Oh….really?
Nick O’Neill, Founder, The Social Times & AllFacebook

Craig posted a great summary of the panel on his blog. He writes about a point a I made during the session.

[Michael] said something interesting in response to a question about how people can make money from social media. Paraphrasing here, he said companies ought to go out and hire as many anthropologists as possible to try to figure out what’s going on with this new behavior–and then figure out how to make money.

After the presentation, a woman from Motorola came up and introduced herself, said she enjoyed the panel. She handed me her card. Her title read “Anthropologist.”

For real. Not a winky-funny-hip-corporate-title. Her actual job title.

Yes, Motorola has an anthropologist on the payroll.

I’m telling you, this thing is big.

Pretty f’ing cool coming from the world’s #22 blog according to Time.com.

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